RiseCity - NFT Play to Earn Game

RiseCity is an NFT Play to Earn game in which you will have to build your own city to earn rewards

Daily Quests & More

We want to make a game style with a gameplay in which the user never runs out of things to do. You will always have a mission available on the map, be it cleaning the city or completing secondary missions.

No BNB Fees

All actions carried out within the game will not require payments since everything will be paid with the internal currency of the game.

In just over 1 month of game we reached the mark of:

And it's just the beginning...


1 Oct. - Nov

  • Game Design conceptualization
  • Website Design conceptualization
  • Analysis of other NFT games and their economy
  • Team recruitment
  • Website completion and integration with the contract
  • Website security enhancements
  • Contract security enhancements
  • Finalize the game map design
  • Hiring of servers and domain
  • Create social networks
  • Create Wiki & Whitepaper
  • Make the project public

November 2021

  • Complete the game map
  • Find beta testers and start the testing phase
  • In-game economy adjustments
  • End test phase
  • Presale House Packs
  • Enable access for everyone within the game
  • City resource collect system

December - Jan 2022

  • Daily Quest System
  • World Chat from City Hall
  • In-game friend system
  • Visit other people's city
  • Free map design